Outsider artist J.R. Lancaster admits to being "involved in art" for over thirty years, though we are
certain it began long before he thought to keep account. He began his artistic career in
Louisiana as an amateur photographer in the early 70’s (while moonlighting as a chemical
engineer) and progressed into fine-art black and white photography after attending a Yosemite
based Ansel Adams workshop in 1980. Following that, he apprenticed with master photographer
Paul Caponigro printing images for his books “The Wise Silence” and “Megaliths”.

Throughout the mid-eighties he made several trips to Central America to work with prehistoric
Mayan sites. In 1988, J.R. was appointed by the Navajo Nation to photograph sacred sites and  
medicinal plants for educational books and projects, so moved to Chinle, Arizona, where he lived,
hiked, and photographed for six years. He relocated to Navajo Mountain for a year to continue
this project, finally moving to Bluff, Utah in 1995 to open Cloudwatcher Gallery and Studio.

J.R.'s work (exhibited nationally in over 60 galleries, and part of the MOMA permanent collection)
focuses on and springs from the high desert landscape and prehistoric patterns & images - wild
mixed media pieces combine photography, painting and collage. He uses traditional mediums as
well as found objects and natural materials (sand, rocks, clay, bark, plant and mineral pigments)
to tell a multi-dimensional story. And perhaps his most ambitious undertakings are the large
scale assemblage sculptures made of found objects, wood, stone, and various other materials -
some of which stand over 12 feet high and weigh hundreds of pounds.

J.R. recently finished writing a book (
Dancing at the Edge of Time) investigating prehistoric art
from a contemporary artists point of view. (This book is currently in search of an editor.) He
continues to write (especially in the early morning hours. At the present time he is near
completion of  a book on Vincent  van Gogh.

J.R.enjoys sharing his love of life and the land, and leads workshops in creativity & photography
(large format & digital) as well as the exploration of the region & rock art to small groups and
individuals alike.  Please inquire if you'd like to join him.

Call us at 435/672-2307 or
jrlancaster_art@yahoo.com if we can answer questions, or you'd like to schedule private field
time and/or a studio tour.